The Nest Wins CIF Battle of the Fans

Sportsmanship is an important part of the educational athletics, and student-cheering sections can be a key factor in creating a festive and positive high school event. This competition amongst the various member schools is intended to promote the positive side of athletics and engage the community and the student body in a show of support not only for their athletic teams but for their school as well. For the past few years the San Diego Section of CIF has run a contest amongst its local schools called Battle of the Fans. This year was the first year they had a small schools division. Santa Fe Christian’s student section, aka The Nest, decided to enter and they won! The Nest was awarded with t-shirts and a banner at halftime of the CIF Division I basketball game. I recently caught up with some of the leaders of The Nest, Caleb Johnson and Grant Koopman, to ask them a few questions...

What does this title mean to SFC and The Nest?

Caleb Johnson: This title shows bigger schools how much we support our teams and it gives us an opportunity to be an example of Christ. For The Nest it shows that we are a very positive student section and support our school and our teams no matter if we are winning or losing.

Can you give me a little history of The Nest? 

Caleb Johnson: Since 1977, when SFC began the athletics program, the faculty had always encouraged people to go to the games and encourage the athletes as a way to represent Christ. Our Nest has always showed its spirit no matter the level of athletics, there is footage as far back as the 80's of how The Nest has supported each and every sport.

How do the leaders of The Nest get chosen?

Grant Koopman: The leaders of the Nest get chosen by the senior boys who come together and vote on one person to hand down the hammer.

What is the story behind the hammer?

Grant Koopman: The story on the hammer was it introduced about 15 years ago by the ASB advisor. It has been a tradition that is passed on every year to the leader selected by the seniors.

How does The Nest prepare for a game?

Grant Koopman: We don't have any routines to prep for the game but I try and get everyone to stand up when there is like 5 minutes before the game starts to get the crowd going.

What do you think sets The Nest apart from the other schools?

Caleb Johnson: The Nest is set apart from other schools​ ​because​ ​we are always positive and supportive. We are a small school and most games have an attendance of 50-100 students​ ​which is​ ​about 1/4 of our entire high school​ ​so it shows how committed and unfaltering our fans are.​

Do you have any favorite memories of The Nest so far?

Caleb Johnson: My favorite memory is probably when we beat Torrey Pines last year because The Nest was super loud and supportive the entire game and went insane when we won and to me that was a perfect representation of The Nest.

Grant Koopman: My favorite memory is definitely at the end of the game where we win and everyone is cheering and I smash the hammer and everyone falls. That is one of the coolest traditions in my opinion and just watching everyone fall is so cool.

by Brad Sandusky